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About Me

I was just like you...

I ate a lot growing up, and more in college.  I never worked out.  I loved chips and beer. 


 My weight spiked to 254lbs.  (I currently weigh 166lbs).  I was ALL fat.


I hated the concept of nutrition.  I was petrified of going to a gym.  I thought all personal trainers were meatheads who would yell at me to do more pushups while they texted their friends. 


One day, I got fed up.  I was fed up with never dating because I felt insecure.  I was fed up with going to pool parties and being the only one who didn't take off his shirt.  I was fed up with being tired and sweaty ALL THE TIME.  In general, I felt like crap. 


I was ready to change my life. 


I started lifting, practicing pilates and yoga, and hitting the tennis courts.  Exercise and nutrition changed my life forever.  After a few months I decided I wanted to inspire others to do the same. 


Are you ready?! 


All I ask is that you reach out to me - email or call, or we can meet for a quick coffee.  It may be the 10 or 15 minutes that will change your life.



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