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Online Virtual Training

Take Sean with you!  Skype and FaceTime makes it possible to get fit no matter where you are!

As long as you have a computer or tablet, you have a trainer. 


It's so easy to communicate online, there's no reason to avoid your fitness while on a trip or if you live on the other side of the country! 


A 10 minute FREE consult is always welcome. 


Then we'll set up a schedule and get started.  Distance is no excuse!



1 Online Session:  $85

5 Online Sessions: $400

10 Online Sessions: $750

20 Online Sessions: $1400

Program Design Anchor

Program Design

Use Sean's programs and nutritional counselling from anywhere!

Let's face it: sometimes its tough to get to the gym.  Either for financial reasons or distance, Program Design is another way to get in shape as a great supplement to your private training with Sean. 


These programs aren't designed for everyone - they are specifically created for your body and fitness level.  Designed to last one hour (although without Sean it will probable take you longer!), each workout enables you to use a home, local or hotel gym and get a full workout while taking a vacation, on a business trip or simply because you live too far from Los Angeles!


Purchase a single workout to add to your current training schedule with Sean, or a complete set and really change up your routine!


Single Program: $50

5 Programs: $150

10 Programs: $275


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