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Small Group Bootcamps & Group Training

An inexpensive way to build endurance, have fun with friends and BURN calories!

Whether by themselves or as a supplement to your private training with Sean, group classes can be an economical and exciting way to lose weight and tone your body. 

Get a group of friends together, or build a group with Sean's other clients, and meet outdoors to sweat it out in a hardcore, music thumping, bodyweight style. 


You'll circuit train in a judgment free group, where you'll focus on improving on your prior session, instead of competing with others. 


Can you get stronger?  Can you do more reps than last time?  Lift a heavier weight?  All while Sean makes sure to watch your form, and push you to do more. 


Groups are small: limited to 3-5, or 6-10 people.  Like getting a trainer for 1/5 of the cost!

Groups of 3-5: $20/pp

Groups of 6-10: $15/pp

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